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Founded in 2003, Eidco Construction provides client services that are national in scope, yet tailored to the unique requirements of each project. As we continue to expand our footprint, we remain rooted in the philosophy that construction is a local business.


Eidco Construction's detailed-oriented team of seasoned professionals provides our clients with the strength of experience, combined with energy, creativity and accountability. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your team.


This approach provides us with the flexibility to assemble talented, local experts best equipped to address each project's specific needs, while at the same time minimizing overhead and remaining competitively priced.


Our collective decades of experience working on projects ranging from large ground-up developments to distinctive redesigns, provides us with the unique ability to collaborate with local, state and government agencies on construction solutions that meet the needs of the stakeholders, as well as the community.

At Eidco, we understand that people interact with people, not graph paper or computer programs. Before we put those tools to work, we want to hear from you: Who will use the space? What are their needs or unique requirements? We believe that form follows function, but through a functional design that makes a statement – and is delivered within budget.

At Eidco Construction, we work with our clients to indentify needs and provide intelligent solutions. We understand that creative and affordable customization can be achieved on each project by using a structured and systematic approach. From design and construction, to project management and beyond; we're your partner at every step. Eidco Construction is committed to ensuring the most cost-effective return on your investment in both time and money.


Eidco Construction has built its reputation on doing business diligently with the highest degree of ethics and integrity. We're relationship driven and provide each client with a high level of communication to ensure we're always on track for success. Our unique relationships with suppliers and trade partners allow us to build superior finished products while mitigating costs and delivering a completed project in a timely manner.

When people first interact with Eidco and during all on-going dealings, they know they are dealing with a very different company. This is due to our commitment to a few deeply shared values which drive our daily business operations and all stakeholder actions. Our values are listed below:



We are dedicated to delivering the single best solution to each of our customers' unique needs. We will go beyond merely responding to what our clients ask for or expect. Our engagements will positively affect our clients' business results. We will always perform our work with the goal of delighting our customer.



Trust is at the root of all stakeholder relationships and enables the positive bottom-line results of our business. We will strive to earn every stakeholders trust by communicating and conducting ourselves in an honest, open and frank manner at all times.



We will ensure our actions and results are consistent with our commitments and principles. We depend on each other to do what we say we will do, therefore commitments will not be made easily nor taken lightly. We will speak the truth every time and will always do the right thing.



In all dealings, we will give the utmost attention to the stakeholders histories, direction, desires, intentions and viewpoints. Individuals will always be given high regard for their role as a stakeholder in Eidco's success.

After nearly a decade of well rounded experience on Wall Street and as a senior leader with one of New Jersey’s prominent Builders, Chez Eider, Eidco Construction’s CEO and President, founded the company in 2003 on the premise that every client deserves to receive an unparalleled level of construction service and overall project value.


Initially, Eidco Construction laid the groundwork of success in New Jersey utilizing its prior expertise in residential ground-up development. Once the firm’s reputation of excellence was built in the Northeast, Eidco Construction used that success as a springboard to relocate corporate operations to Chicago, Illinois in 2011, where the company accelerated its growth towards a national footprint to include regional offices in Texas, New Jersey and Florida. Word spread throughout the commercial building industry about Eidco Construction’s commitment to customer satisfaction and value engineering, and in 2012 the company was focused on projects in the retail, healthcare and office sectors.


The Eidco Construction team today is comprised of seasoned professionals. The company’s capacity to communicate, execute and deliver outstanding results is closely correlated with its staff of exemplary construction professionals. Eidco Construction’s staff consistently aspires to delight its customers by exceeding expectations in every part of the building process. Clients are typically amazed at the direct and transparent exchanges starting at the bidding process through the project’s completion. Clients know that by partnering with Eidco, they can trust that from design to completed project, the Eidco Construction management team has their desired outcome front and center.


While the entire Eidco team has a wide diversity of collective knowledge gained through their years in the real estate industry, they all agree that construction is a locally driven business. This key concept is what makes Eidco committed to tailoring each project to meet the unique needs of the local market. While Eidco continues to bolster its national presence, the company remains dedicated to making a positive difference in the local areas we build.


With Eidco Construction’s strength in experience, creative designs and open and direct communication, the company anticipates a growth of the business through 2015 that exceeds any U.S. commercial builders of its size.


Eidco relies on its reputation in the market to future its future possibilities.

Relax, you’ve partnered with Eidco